NASMAK is a full scale consultancy offering services & solutions designed to increase business exposure, build brand awareness, and increase ROI. We utilize business development methodologies in every aspect of our client’s campaigns to transform dynamic marketing strategy into revenue growth. We consult with the client every step of the way to ensure their goals become a reality.
Before a successful system & solution can be deployed the proper steps must be taken to properly optimize business for the customer needs as well as for converting traffic into new business. Through sophisticated business optimization techniques and intelligent system development methods, NASMAK will ensure that every aspect of your online and offline presence complement one another.
NASMAK provides system which helps clients engage their user base and keeps them coming back. There is no point in building targeted business traffic unless you can keep them interested and generate a viral buzz about your products and services. Capturing their interest through valuable content and exciting calls to action are some of the most crucial aspects to an effective marketing campaign.
The goal of any good business strategy is to foster some kind of conversion. This could mean an sale or simply collecting users contact information so that you can market to them directly. Either way, NASMAK employs experts at increasing exposure, decreasing extraneous business expenses, and increasing conversions and ROI. Every solution is driven by analytics but NASMAK take it a step further.
Touch Screen Solutions
Mobile Application Development
Web Development Services
Business Application Development
Internet Marketing Solutions
eLearning Solutions
Business Process Automation
Infrastructure Management


NASMAK build an attractive, informative website for you that will help get your business noticed, bring in new customers and increase your profits

  • Free six months website hosting
  • Free domain name of your choice
  • Free 10 email accounts with unlimited space
  • SEO so your website is easily found on the internet
  • Custom made dynamic website made to suit your business

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